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king cuz

(a.k.a ellis king)

As a retired Navy Veteran with 26 years of service, I know that our Navy core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment don’t stop after retirement.

Train with King Cuz - Ellis King of 50an

With the physical training I’ve endured at various military commands around the world as well as my several years as an amateur boxer; I’ve developed a fitness program that I’m

honored to stand by. I promote recognition of the value of others and ourselves through devotion and hard work.

Get fit and shredded! workout with King

Do you have the courage to persevere when the journey gets difficult? 

If so, I am committed as your trainer to see you succeed. 

Now is the right time for a new YOU!! The goal isn’t just looking good, but feeling good as well!! We are living in a world where people are living longer yet their lifestyles are causing them to not enjoy a fulfilling life. Medical costs are going through the roof and if we are not careful, it will not only be a huge burden on ourselves but our families as well. The sooner we start taking care of ourselves the healthier we will become. So, let’s get started!


Be sure to sign up for my free ab workout routine. Hopefully this will kick start you to make this critical change in your life! Lets spend more time enjoying life being healthy and strong. Together, we can make a difference. Starting with the person in the mirror!

 - King Cuz